Violet and Nothing

Violet is a little girl with big ideas. She is always thinking. One day she starts thinking about nothing. What is nothing? Where is nothing? Is it real? And if nothing is real, is anything real? A thought-provoking picture book for curious kids.


‘The highlight of this book is the incredible illustrations. The pages are bursting with colour, life and imagination and perfectly capture the inquisitive and thoughtful young Violet.’ Reading Time

‘The illustrations (including the glorious endpapers) give glimpses into the untamed joyful clutter inside an inquiring mind. Violet & Nothing celebrates curiosity, creativity, and deeper thinking. This is a beautiful picture book and perfect for budding philosophers pondering life’s bigger questions.’ Writing WA

‘The illustrations of ‘nothing’ are abstract and filled with interesting trivia while the illustrations of Violet and the people in her life are eye-grabbing. This is a picture book about the big questions that children have and that adults often can’t answer.’ Buzz Words Magazine

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