Waarda series for young readers: The Great Cold

The great cold is coming. It’s tickling the toes of the animals and chasing the tail feathers of the birds. It’s creeping into their hideaway and making even the strongest shiver. Alone, the blind goanna and the flightless crow are weak, but when they work together the power of their friendship will save the day.

An exciting story told in the traditional style.

About the Waarda series
Waarda, Nyungar for talking and sharing stories and information, is an exciting children’s series by Indigenous authors. Initiated by renowned Aboriginal artist and writer Sally Morgan, the series was designed to support the literacy needs of Indigenous children in primary school, by making available to them stories written by Indigenous authors. At the same time, it introduces non-Indigenous children to the richness and depth of Aboriginal storytelling. Above all, it is a collection of fun, interesting and diverse first chapter books for new readers.

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